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"Tim visits the rotunda II" [000335], DREW, Marian
Tim visits the rotunda II
Tim visits the rotunda II
Creator DREW, Marian
Date Created 1985
Media Category Wet Process
Medium colour photograph
General Notes Marian Drew's colour work demonstrates the photographer's art as an act of self-discovery. It is an art of spiritual and psychic self-portraiture conceived in terms of dramatic visual metaphors: the angel Marian flying through a numinous void, Marian as a sleeping nymph uncovered by a faun. Like the earlier Dadaists and Surrealists, these ambiguous fantasies often stem from dreams, but Drew's work points not to the photomontages of the 1920s and 1930s, but to a cinematic sensibility. Using a long exposure of fifteen or more minutes, Drew constructs her own subjects before the camera, assuming poses, using slide projectors and props such as her paper sculpures, painting with torch lights, creating ethereal, transparent, double exposures and effects of blurred movement in scenes like stills from a movie. In this theatre of the self, Drew appears as a director/narrator/actor in mysterious situations loaded with art historical references. The vocabulary of photography has been extended to permit the artist as model and self to rediscover her personal history in an aesthetic continuum. (S. Smith, "Moments in Queensland Contemporary Art", ex. cat., Queensland Art Gallery, 1986.) Abigail Fitzgibbons, July 1995

Moving to West Germany to take up post-graduate studies at the Kassel Gesamthochschule in 1984 stimulated a phase of rapid development in imagery and technical accomplishment in this young artist. The series of images from which this photograph comes was made using a complex procedure involving slide projectors, flashes and hand-held torches of various colours and strengths, working from absolute darkness, and using long exposures of 15 minutes and more. The resulting images show an introspective imaginative response to the original subject matter. Carolyn Dodds, 1985

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Accession Number 000335
Accession Date 21/05/86
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